John McKeever - Biography
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John McKeever didn’t follow a traditional route into music, it wasn’t until after hearing the Beach Boys Pet Sounds album recommended to him in college by a good friend that he really understood what music could and should be.

Self taught, and he’ll tell you not very well, he’ll attempt to play anything, but doesn’t always succeed. He jokes that he predominately plays a little guitar, bass and keyboards but not small in size.

John worked on two solo albums before joining up with Paul “SMiLE BRiAN - JEsUS LOvES YoU”(2001) inspired by the music of Brian Wilson and “Heaven’s Closer”(2001) an album inspired by and dedicated to his wife Annmarie, who duets on the track “Springtime” and who also appears on “Cabanaessence” as the lead vocalist on “Mamma’s Little Baby”.

"TRy IT ON", his third solo album came about when Paul had left his Korg Triton alone with John for a week.

John studied in Visual Media and worked freelance in Video Production. He has also written numerous screenplays and as he has said “…happily failed to produce any of them.” Undeterred, he persists in scibbling away when the mood so strikes and has mentioned in passing he'd be interested in making a Rocumentary on The Plastic Freebies.